Loods 23 / Lofts te koop - 1ste verdieping

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Loft 102 - 1st floor Voorhavenlaan - € 345.000

You can build a maximum of two bedrooms in the compact Loft 102. The eastward view faces the restored and protected fence from the Avant-Port. On the other side of Voorhavenlaan is NEO, another project developed by Locus Developments.


In the center of the casco loft, the ceiling height exceeds 26 feet, allowing for a spacious duplex to be built. At the duplex level, Loft 102 has a width of 13 feet. The entrance level beneath has a width of 26 feet. In the ridge, there are two big roof windows, one eastward and the other westward. In the lower part of the westward exposed roof, residents can add more roof windows (VELUX), allowing yet more daylight into rooms, both at first and duplex levels.


On the Voorhavenlaan side, Loft 102 has a spacious terrace of approximately 260 square feet, with a view to the east. The terrace is separated from that of the neighboring Loft 103, partly by means of a fixed wooden closet (over 6 feet tall). The closet can be used to store gardening tools, a parasol, etc. Next to the closet is a steel fence separating neighboring terraces. Fixed to the wooden closet, sliding along the fencing, are two vertical rolling curtains. These curtains, specially designed for external use, allow for a complete visual separation from the terrace of the neighboring loft. The terrace is finished as a flat roof, and the terrace flooring will be chosen and purchased by the buyer (e.g., wood or stone tiles). At the duplex level, Loft 101 partly overlaps the first level of neighboring Loft 102, obscuring the view and providing privacy for the terrace of Loft 102 below.


Loft 102 is sold casco (shell only). Hence, together with your choice of architect and contractors, you can further lay out and build Loft 102 up to your standards. Loft 102 comes with these technical provisions: sanitary and kitchen duct connector(s); gas, electricity and water utilities; fire alarm; video intercom system; cable TV and telephone connections. On the roof sits a compact “chimney” with these obligatory connections: wood-burning stove/fireplace, gas heater (exhaust/air intake), ventilation C or D type, de-aeration of discharge pipe, and hood ducting.


On top of the advertised sales price, you will pay a 10% registration tax (to the Flemish government) and additional fees for notary services, etc. After the closing, you will be able to build your loft (only with professional contractors!) at a reduced VAT rate of 6% (federal tax to the Belgian government).


The address is Voorhavenlaan 37/102 – 9000 Ghent, Belgium. Loft 102 has a usable floor area of 191 square yards to create a duplex that covers the entire available surface area.



In the upper right area of this page, you can download a map of Loft 102. The squares on the map are 11 square feet. There is a lot of furniture included in the plan, but you can change that and experiment with the interior. Enjoy!


More information about Loods 23, the used materials, etc., is available in the DOCs and FAQs section.