Loods 23 / Lofts te koop - gelijkvloers

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Loft 005 - ground floor Voorhavenlaan -

Lofts on the first floor for offices – surface: 172 square yards


The eastward view toward Voorhavenlaan catches the morning sun, thanks to the large window that’s 30 feet wide and 19 feet high. There is an entrance door provided -- on the right side, if you’re standing in front of the building.

The surface is made of polished concrete with implemented underfloor heating and cable trays. Through these cable trays, you can connect the electricity and computer wiring to create a workplace with your specifications. Under the big window, there’s an open tray provided to lay cable. There’s also a common joint heating system in place. You only need to provide your own Thermostat. The loft has its own water- and electricity measuring system (in a common room in the parking garage). Fire safety is guaranteed by a sprinkler system, an active fire-detection system with an alarm and a self-provided fire extinguisher. The owner needs to install a ventilation system. Above the window, there’s a solid panel where you can connect the air intake and exhaust from the ventilation system. You can open and close the loft with keys, or you can install your own entrance system.


We have applied these technical specifications on the first floor of Loods 22 successfully.


The 3-foot-high, protective, 19th century trusses of steel give the loft a lot of character. The thermic and acoustic isolated walls are “ready for the painter.” The owner only needs to provide a kitchenette and toilet facilities. The buyer can add amenities; the possibilities are endless.

Purchasing a loft for business purposes is fiscally attractive. On top of the selling price, you will pay a 21% value-added tax (VAT) on the construction work (recoverable for VAT liable companies), a 10% registration fee on ‘the grondaandeel’ (surface of the land), and various purchase costs (notary services, etc.). (See detailed examples in the FAQs and DOCs sections.)


The address is Voorhavenlaan 35/005 – 9000 Ghent, Belgium.


More information about Loods 23, the used materials, etc., is available in the DOCs and FAQs sections.